The contract with the construction company was signed on September 17th. We are ready to build the foundation and the first floor of the Temple of Joy!

The main hall will be lined with wood – this being a natural, flexible material and a source of energy.

The wood holds within itself the energy that is stored for a lifetime in the plants that it comes from. These plants constantly absorb carbon dioxide and solar energy.

Our practices and meditations, therefore, will be surrounded by the warmth of a welcoming hall, just like the Temple of Light –  both in the midst of peaceful surroundings.

The Temple of Joy will be a familiar place, the interior will be like the Temple of Light’s little brother, and will have the same colors.

This new Temple will be yet another guiding light for the whole world, and it will be thrilling to welcome the many new pilgrims!  We are already many, and many others will arrive with lots of ideas, and the desire to share this path together!

How many days will this take? Exactly 333!  Yes, because on August 26, 2017 we will inaugurate the Temple of Joy with Nayaswami Jyotish and Nayaswami Devi, on the occasion of the first International Kriyaban Retreat that will be held from August 27th to September 3, 2017.

What will the Temple be like on that day? Perhaps it will not be completely finished….but  it will be ready to welcome each and every one of us!

As we live and meditate in this new Temple, we will discover inner Joy every day!