Dear reader, 

Have you been to Ananda yet? Then you’ve already been to the Temple of Light. A wonderful space where many inspirational activities take place: meditation, singing, yoga, classes, musical and theatrical entertainment. 

This place is saturated with special vibrations. It was inaugurated in 1996 thanks to the help of many devotees who, with joy and love, completed what was a great project at the time. Since then, so many souls like us can benefit from it: absorbing the vibrations created over the years and thus raising our level of consciousness, experiencing truly divine sensations… How many people have gotten married there, how many have taken discipleship, how many people who were in the dark have found the light… So much gratitude goes to all those who have made all this possible.

Now this temple has become small…

We want to continue to offer the world a place to take refuge in moments of despair or rejoice in special moments. We want to offer a sacred space of deep inspiration in which all those who wish to can feel welcomed. 

This is the birth of the project for the new Temple of Joy. Many of you know about it because you have helped to lay the foundation. Setbacks and other priorities have slowed the progress of construction, but we have NOT stopped. We deeply feel that this is a divine plan! 

So our energy continues to be directed toward the realization of the New Temple.

It is located in a sacred place of great vibration and inspiration. It is a temple that will accommodate twice as many people as the present one, with adjoining rooms for individual talks and the seat of the yoga academy. 

During this time, although we cannot move, we feel so united: we have daily online contacts and hundreds of people follow us. This connection is due to the fact that you have been here and savored the special vibrations of this place and the sincerity of the people at Ananda who really want the best for you. We are here to support each of you in realizing your highest Self, so that you can have a more serene and fulfilling life. 

Inspiring places like these are needed now more than ever. To give to all those who desire this opportunity is to give a gift to the Divine!

Vijay, a disciple of Russia, has made a wooden model of what will be the New Temple of Joy. While looking  at this work of art that was completed after hours and hours of careful concentration and determination, it is inevitable to feel the heart opening, the joy from the divine beauty of that art, and the consciousness expanding. When the Temple is finished, these sensations will be even more vibrant.

Walk even just visually along the path leading to the temple, well-lit and decorated with small trees. Imagine opening the doors of the building and breathing blessed air. Leave your shoes and enter this Divine Sanctuary.  You feel you are entering a great sphere of Peace and Light.  Walk along the corridor that leads inside; one step after the other, all the burdens and worries go away, you feel lighter and more and more joyful.  With wonder, you now find yourself inside heaven, where all the mental noises calm down and you hear only the singing of the angels. You are in perfect communion with your Highest Self: inside yourself, above, below, in front, behind, left and right, only space… Only pure Divine Consciousness…