“Earning money honestly and industriously to serve Your work
it is the greatest art after that of realizing yourself “

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Fondazione Ananda Europa
Unicredit Bank – Ag. Gualdo Tadino
Via Flaminia SNC
06023 Gualdo Tadino
IBAN: IT 29 J 02008 38473 000102490551
Reason: Donation Temple of Joy

Join over 500 volunteers to build the new Ananda Temple

“My body will perish, but my work must continue.
And my spirit will live in it.

Even when I am gone I will work with you all for the liberation of the world through God’s message.

Prepare yourself for the glory of God.

Transform yourself with the flame of the Spirit ”.

The world needs more joy!

“Every thought, word, feeling and action in tune with God illuminates a small part of the world and diminishes the darkness. Every visible or invisible act of kindness, compassion or altruism helps to enhance this light.
When we collectively raise our conscience and help others do the same, we also strengthen this power. “

Nayaswami Devi


The Temple of Joy is born to flood the new era we are experiencing with light and blessings.

Help us also to collect the necessary funds for the third phase and to build the supporting structure of the upper floor.

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